The Covina-Thomas Company is a small family owned business established in 1959.  Thomas Giandomenico, the president and founder of The Covina-Thomas Company has worked hard to bring The CTC to the forefront as one of the top aerospace machine shops in the industry.

After many years pioneering his way through the Aerospace and Medical industries, Thomas has now combined design talents with his son, who happens to be a Sergeant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement Bureau.   Together they developed the popular BurnSafe and TomaHawk  The BurnSafe and TomaHawk offer a safe alternative for dispersing Tear Gas while protecting personal property against fire and unnecessary damage.                                                                                                  
      "Get the bad guy, without burning down the neighborhood."
Patent U.S. 7,325,495 B1

TomaHawk BurnSafe 

Home of the TomaHawk BurnSafe

*****It is IMPERATIVE that Burnsafes are NEVER PRE-LOADED.

WAIT TO LOAD Burnsafe AT THE TARGET when you are ready to deploy it. If pre-loaded, the munition's oxidizers can escape the canister and pose a flash fire hazard.