DO NOT USE "SMOKE GRENADES". Smoke grenades use a different chemical formula to produce smoke with a substantial increase in flame and heat which is significantly different than the formula / process used by CS Grenades.


  • Ensure CS canisters are current-check dates on canisters to make sure they have not expired.

  • BurnSafes can be reloaded during tactical operations, however, ensure ports are clear.

  • Adequate safety precautions should be in place prior to use i.e. Fire extinguishers, etc.


NOTE: The above prices do not include the gas canisters.  

Each unit is designed for "single use" only. Re-use at your own risk.  Above noted canisters are for reference only. Consult tear gas manufacturers.  All items are designed for gas use only.

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* * * * It is IMPERATIVE that Burnsafes are NEVER PRE-LOADED * * * *


WAIT TO LOAD Burnsafe AT THE TARGET when you are ready to deploy it.

If pre-loaded, the munition's oxidizers can escape the canister and pose a flash fire hazard.

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